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Risk Diagram

Download Excel Risk Diagram

The risk diagram helps you to recognise the unacceptable courses of action and to cut them out of your strategic consideration in future.
With Risk diagrams the two most important characteristics of a risk are evaluated:

Here is an example of a risk diagram for the tactical decisions before a Start.  By 'loss' we mean the loss of position that we expect if something goes wrong.

It is easy to customize the Excel Sheet to other race situations. More informations you find in the section Miscellaneous


Here are some Cartoons you can use when teaching children

What happens in a hearing?

Cartoon HearingMaybe you are finding yourself for the first time on the hearing list. Don,t be nervous.

To be in a hearing is part of the game.

Here you will find some tips on how to prepare for a hearing and what to be careful about in the hearing.


Download Cartoon 'Hearing' as a PDF




How to do a scoring enquiry?

Cartoon Hearing

You can,t find your boat on the Finishing List? If you have sailed the course correctly. stay calm; normally it is just because an error has been made by the scorer.

Often it is very stressful at the finishing vessel. Many boats cross the line within seconds, and positions change in the last seconds of the race. Sail numbers can't be seen, because they are hidden by other boats.

Normally this is not your problem, but you should know, what is the common procedure you have to follow in such a case.


Download Cartoon 'Scoring Enquiry' as a PDF



How to complete a protest form?

Cartoon Hearing

You want to protest about one of your opponents? No problem. But often you don't have much time to complete the protest form.  In this cartoon there are some hints about how to fill out a protest form correctly.   


Download Cartoon 'How to complete a protest form' as a PDF







Download Windtabelle Excel (mit Formel)

In den meisten Fällen wirst du an Bord keine Möglichkeiten haben, das rechnende Excel File zu verwenden. Für diesen Fall ist die statische Windtabelle gedacht. Hier reicht der Ausdruck auf wasserfestes Papier und ein Bleistift.

Download Windtabelle Excel (Formular zum Ausfüllen)

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