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Mag. Peter Czajka, Schimmelgasse 18,1030 Wien nach oben

Authors and Ideas

Peter Czajka

Peter CzajkaPeter Czajka has been intensively involved in competitive sailing since the age of 14.   In earlier years he was successful in 470s, Lasers and Darts.  Up until a couple of years ago, he was still regularly found at Sprinto Regattas, or as Helmsman or Tactician at various offshore regattas. Today he is active as a race official for the Austrian Sailing Federation and, as an umpire or jury member at international Regattas.



Alfred Pelinka

Alfred Pelinka Born: 10.12.1962
Adress: Trubelgasse 18/12, 1030 Wien Austria
Mobil: +43 676 88441266
e-mail: alpe(at)

Languages: German, English, Spanish

Sailing Coach Experience
Austrian Sailing Federation Since 1994

Working as a coach and mentor for different teams and classes – previous goals (by olympiads)
2000: secure the nation spot in 49er class; re-establish Austrian 470 squad in international top level
2004: emphasis sail development, aero- and hydrodynamic improvement - working with an international training group with ARG (Lange/Espinola) and FRA (Backes/Voiron) - Tornado
2008: In 2005/2006 setting up an Austrian 49er squad (Delle-Karth/Resch, Sieber/Kruse, Kohout/Brandstötter) then focusing on Star Class optimization and coaching 470 (female and male), as well during the Olympic regatta.
2012: Trying to secure the spot for Star Class (Spitzauer/Lützlbauer // Habermüller) with focus on boat optimization. New (as well new to Star Class) crew in January 2012 – loads of work! Having a close eye on the use of scientific help and the thus resulting future development in Olympic Sailing.

Astro TP52 Sailing Team 2001-2007

Working as a coach and data analyst for the Austrian TP52 project. Focusing on data analysis for sail development and data analysis from boat electronics data – programming an online data analysis tool. Coaching focus on teambuilding, maneuvers and weather analysis – “translating” the report from the meteorologist for tactician, navigator and strategist.

RED Tornado Sailing Team USA 804

Preparing Robert Daniel and Hunter Strunzi for their national olympic qualifier in San Diego 2007 – not coaching during the event. Working with them only for a short period, they were able to challenge Athens Silver medallist Lovell/Ogletree on equal points to the very last race.

2007-2008 - Tornado BRA 77

Trying to help the Brazilian Tornado skippered by Bruno di Bernadi to qualify for Beijing 2008. Input: one training session in Brazil (two weeks, new crew, never has been on a catamaran before), coaching one preperation regatta (Sail Melbourne 2007, AUS) and the Worlds 2008, Takapuna Beach, NZL.

2009-2012 - RC 44 Team AEZ Oberösterreich Austria

Helping the team to improve teamwork, develop technical skills and most important work on match racing (which is basically non-existent in Austria). Proven - and by the fleet well recognized – enhancement in performance – Team Austria was able to win several fleet races during 2009 and 2010 RC44 Championship Tour – sometimes helping out as main trimmer.

Since 2012 - Melges 32 Robertissima

Helping to build a team from scratch. Impose teamwork, work on technical skills, build a structure (form daily schedule to race analysis and debrief) and keep it running. Ensure the owner is enjoying what he is doing but find the balance to have a competitive team as well – sometimes helping out onboard.


Coaching is never the reason for the success. Only mature hard working athletes on their very own - supported by a close to perfect environment - can achieve to win a medal.


2001 European Champion (Roman Hagara/ H.-P. Steinacher)

2003 European Champion (Andreas Hagara/Michael Seidl) European Vice-Champion (Roman Hagara/H.-P. Steinacher)

2004 Olympic Games Athens: Gold Medal (R. Hagara/H.-P. Steinacher)


2008 European Champion (Sylvia Vogl/Carolina Flatscher)

Melges 32

2013 Virgin Island Sailing Series Champion (Robertissima)
US Sailing Series Champion (Robertissima)

Maxi Yacht:

2013 Rolex Maxi Yacht Champion (Altair by Robertissima)

Other Interests

Golf, skiing and collecting classic cars as well as classic Vespa scooters

Thomas CzajkaTom Zajac

Nickname: Tommi
Position on Bord: Crew
Born: 26.08.1985
In: Wien
Lives in: Wien
Occupation: Student, studying Landscaping at the University for Natural Resources
Marital status: Single

Club: Burgenländischer Yacht Club
Trainer: --
Conditional monitoring: Nora Hellmayer
First Regatta: Youngsters Trophy/ Rust 1992
Beginning of an Olympic Campaign::
2004 Tornado
2010 49er
2013 Nacra 17 togetzer with Sylvia Vogl

2013: Temporary end of my professional sports career;  several Match races in Christian Binderand Rene Mangold's team
Successes/Top ten:

Austrian Offshore Champion 2012
Austrian National Champion
Junior  World and European Champion
6th Place, ISAF World Championship
World Cup Regatta Kiel Week 3rd Place
World Cup Regatta Medemblik, 6th Place
Tornado Vice World Champion
2010 World Cup Event in France (Hyeres) 8th Place

Motto: Actions not words
Favourite Location: Rust, Neusiedlersee
Rituals before a competition: --
Interests outside Sailing sports: Golf, Football
Relaxation: iPod, Bet, TV

Favourite websites:,

Music: R&B, House, Alternative
Favourite Restaurant: Dalmatia
My favourite breakfast: Coffee, Tea, Juice, Bread, Butter, Honey, Cream cheese, Milk, Müesli
Car: BMW 3 Touring
Foreign languages: English, French

Lifetime ambitions: To compete for a medal at the Olympic Games, and to sail around the World.

Lesley Wurwal

Lesley WurwalLesley Wurwal lives in Northampton, England, and is responsible for the English translations on the site - not always easy when one is familiar with the subject only in passing.  The technical terms stem from Peter Czajka.  The pages in English are therefore a mix of Lesley's good English and Peter Czajka's technical terms. Not perfect, but hopefully, at least for the most part, understandable. Lesley lived in Vienna from 1978-1988 and studied German at several courses provided by the Anglo-Austrian Society, Berlitz, and the University of Vienna.

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